Collateral-based income streams are debt instruments that are secured by something of value, collateral such as a home, property, a car or a business that is pledged to ensure payment of the debt.

Here is a listing of some collateral-based income streams for which we can provide quick cash:

Aircraft notes

Automobile notes & portfolios

Business notes

Business vehicle notes

Collectibles notes

Condominium assessments

Developer paper

Distressed properties

Equipment notes


Homeowner association assessments

Land notes

Marine notes

Mobile home notes

Motor home notes

Private mortgage notes

Real estate

Real estate lease-options

RV notes

Tax Deeds

Tax liens and tax certificates

If you are holding any of these types of income paper and would like to discuss how you can turn it into immediate cash, please call Paul Metzkes at (561) 740-3601 or send me an email at