Business-based income streams:

Banks rarely provide enough cash flow required to grow your business as fast as opportunities will arise.  We are here to help you find various ways to raise capital, even when most banks say no.

Business-based income streams center around payments owed to one business from another business.

Here is listing of some business-based income streams for which we will provide quick cash:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Aircraft leases 
  • Asset-based credit lines 
  • Bankruptcy receivables
  • Commercial leases 
  • Construction receivables <?xml:namespace prefix = o /><?xml:namespace prefix = o />
  • Delinquent commercial debt
  • Electronic funds transfers
  • Equipment leases
  • Fractional ownership interests (equipment timeshares)
  • International receivables
  • Letters of credit
  • Medical receivables
  • Partnership agreements & interests
  • Purchase orders
  • Sports contracts
  • Vendor paper

If you are currently receiving any of these types of business-based payments and would like to discuss how to turn them into immediate CASH, call Paul Metzkes at (561) 740-3601 or email.